We guide business leaders in the digital era, from strategy to scale. We assist in the strategic thinking process and guide along the implementation routes, and this for startups, scale-up, SME’s and multinationals in various industries.

We blend seasoned entrepreneurial experience with the latest in proven customer-centric methods and tactics. This enables us to act as a sparring partner, collaborating with our clients. We challenge and complement the inside-out perspective with a eye-opening outside-in perspective, and always search for the right synergies.

We are focused on growth. We’re not blinded by digital. The challenge is to understand the digital context, establish a clear view on the new opportunities and identify those digital levers that can grow the business. Doing this from a digital-embedded point of view is crucial.

We offer a tailored service approach through a combination of analyses and workshops. All grounded in psychological insights, a firm belief in the integration of offline and online structures, and an imperative intertwining of new marketing and sales.


Trajectories “from AS IS to TO BE”

Domain experts assisting you and your team to come to a sharp problem definition, develop a founded strategy, draw a path to growth and an implementation route. This via a collaborative trajectory of analyses and workshops. 

Typical outcomes are a positioning strategy based upon a finegrained understanding of the target, an omnichannel strategy based upon persona’s and customer journeys, a communication strategy based upon an extensive framing exercise within the stakeholder landscape, …

Consulting assignments

Providing strategic advice and tailor-made strategic plans, based upon new and refined market and customer insights through various sources and inputs: advances research methods, fine grained desk research, internal resources exploration, digital analytics, media monitoring, …

Hosting of task forces

With our rigorous analytical approach and comprehensive industry knowledge we guarantee the objectives are realized within the given timeframe.

Capability building & coaching

We help you master capabilities internally : we become part of your team and are eager to share and transfer our knowledge and experience.

We assist you in compiling the most capable team : we help you in finding specialist resources to support your team or fill organizational gaps.

We train the capabilities of your team : our CC Academy offers in-company trainings, tailored to your specific needs. We also act as individual coaches.

We organize high-level network activities : we stimulate connection and network, and bring inspiration.

We participate in advisory boards.

Some of our clients