WEBINAR | How do I communicate about my business or brand during a crisis?

Hoe communiceer ik tijdens crisistijden als zaak?

We are currently going through exceptional times and are encountering an unprecedented crisis. Everybody’s daily life and your company’s activities are being turned completely upside down. In crisis periods like these it is crucial to keep communicating with your customers. Not only to show them that you are available to them in difficult times, but also because the degree to which your brand expresses trustworthiness and empathy towards the customer will strongly determine your company’s direction after the crisis.


The Callebaut Collective team explains in the webinar below – which was a collaboration with Mediahuis Advertising – how you can develop your communication as a company building on 5 essential domains:

  1. Empathy: how can we understand the fears of our customers and act upon them? 
  2. Timeline: do we draw a clear distinction between what’s happening today and what whill be on the agenda after the crisis?
  3. Big brands versus small brands: is is clear who we are?
  4. Industry specificity: why is our industry unique?
  5. Learning process: what can we learn from this that can be of later use and how can we become more relevant in the long term?


Jan Callebaut is an experience expert in the field of crisis communication with a background in the Coca-Cola crisis, Renault Boycot en Oosterweel dilemma among other things.

Sarah Steenhaut is Prof. Dr. digital marketing strategy at the University of Ghent.

Karel Demeester, omnichannel strategisch with multinational expert knowledge, knows the big brands.


Watch the webinar here:


Take a look at the slides that were being used during the webinar:


Do you feel the need for concrete communication advice for your company? Callebaut Collective can help you build the right communication and approach to your business during a digital sounding board session. More info? Contact us at hello@callebautcollective.com.


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